Women feel that they are the only ones who get mocked at if they have a larger body. But most men who have a broad body also face the same plight. Many of these men think they needn’t dress properly as it doesn’t make a difference.

But, it makes a huge difference!

Presenting your body in the most flattering and best way as possible depends upon how well you dress. Waiting for a change to take place, through strict diet and exercise might take forever, if ever. You can look stylish, and comfortable even if you are broad-shouldered, big-bottomed, round-bellied or all three at once.

Here are some pieces of advice for the larger men who want to look their best.

· First, you need to understand that by putting on extra weight, you are being assumed as a lazy, fat, sloppy person, which may not be the truth but that’s what the society thinks. By dressing up properly, it will give a good impression about yourself to others. You need to shed those pounds to feel good about yourself. And if you feel good about yourself only, you would be able to dress up nicely.
· Before purchasing clothes, there are certain things to be considered.

1. Look For Proper Fitting Clothes
Loose fitting clothes when worn, makes a person’s body look sloppy. Larger built men on wearing clothes which are loose and having wrinkles would make their outline look even worse. Many large men think they are disguising their physique in wearing clothes which are several sizes bigger. It is true that finding a dress which would suit larger men is hard. That is why it is best to find a good tailor who would perfectly alter your trouser or shirt which you bought from a store and with simple adjustments would make it well suited for you.

2. Dress Simple
A person with a bigger frame will have an imposing presence on others. So you need to dress simply. Choose lightly striped shirts or solid color jackets.

3. Avoid Heavier Clothing
Thick heavy clothes will make you look bulky. It can also hold heat in, which results in excessive sweating. So it is always better for larger men to wear clothes which are light weight.