Most people hate packing as it is a chore which leaves people with exhaustion. It is the most important task, and one should see to it all the things needed are safely packed before traveling. While traveling, it is common to forget to pack one or two items which are required at some point of the travel and leaves you feeling disappointed as it would be hard to find a store which would sell the item at that particular place. Also if you pack too much, you would be left with lots of luggage that would be a burden, and also you would waste a lot of money for paying for extra airline baggage fees.

Here are some packing strategies which every traveler should follow.

· Make a list of things needed for the journey at least a week back. This will give you time to make a complete list and ensures you never forget to take something that is very important.
· Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them. Folded clothes take more space than tightly rolled clothes. Even backpackers who stuff their small sized backpack with lots of clothes agree that rolling is much better than folding.
· Before traveling, it is always nice to check out your airline’s baggage fee policy. Some airlines charge more for extra luggage. Certain airlines have their own website. Try reading your airline’s baggage policy through those websites.
· Each traveler is permitted by the desired airline to carry at least one bag and one personal item while boarding the plane. Try to buy a bag which is smaller looking but at the same time spacious enough to put all the things you would need during the flight which is within your arm’s reach as well.
· The happiest part of traveling is that you don’t need to do the laundry. Make sure you check into a hotel which is providing free laundry service.