If you are a mother of a child who hates his veggies, you would love this article. Because here, you get to learn, how you can trick your kid into eating his veggies, which they detest more than anything. Being a mother, you are always worried about your child’s health as they refuse to eat vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals. There are so many ways by which you can prepare their favorite food by also adding veggies in such a way that the child never gets to know what is in the dish.
Here are some dishes, which you can easily add veggies and is guaranteed that your kid would ask for more.

1. Finely Shred Summer Squash Or Zucchini Before Adding It To Casseroles
Zucchini perfectly blends with other flavors of the dish and makes the dish tastier and healthier. It is rich in vitamins and minerals.

2. Add Veggies To Your Pasta
Towards the end of cooking your pasta, add veggies and drain them along with the pasta. Combine the pasta and veggies with the sauce. Make the sauce flavorsome, and your child would not care what you have put along with the pasta.

3. Make Healthier Cheese Sauce
For those of you who are already hiding steamed veggies in your cheese sauce, you need to see that, the cheese sauce you are making is healthy. Most of you will be using lots of butter and cream for making it. Try making the cheese sauce with low-fat milk which can be thickened by adding flour and a little bit of full-flavored cheddar for making it healthier.

4. Create A Healthy Pizza Sauce
Pumpkin puree is rich in beta carotene and fiber. It has a mild taste and creamy texture. Just add one cup of pumpkin puree into ½ cup pizza sauce. Stir the sauce very nicely. This pizza sauce is more than enough to top 1 pound of pizza dough.

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