Eat Food That Is Superbly Healthy For Your Body

In today’s busy day life, most people opt for junk food as it is easily available. But do you thing by just eating junk food, you will get all the nutrients needed for your body to remain healthy? Everyone knows in order to remain healthy, it is essential that you eat the right kinds of food. Many would say they have no time for preparing food as they are too busy with their work. But, don’t you think delaying your work is better than you ending up sick just because of not eating proper food. The food which you get from out, are found to be oily, which is the main reason of many people gaining weight.

In following a healthy diet, it helps your body to reduce free radicals and also helps in the release of toxins which would make your body immune to diseases and infections. A healthy lifestyle would protect you from hypertension, reduce the risk of diabetes and promote healthy cholesterol level.
By being healthy, you can present yourself much better and thus boost your inner confidence.
There are many foods which are also yummy and healthy. Many researchers have found these foods to be energy boosters as well as diseases fighters. Add these foods to your ordinary meals and see how extraordinary and healthy your meal turns out to be. Some healthy foods are given below:

1. Lemon
Did you know, you get more than 100% of your daily intake of vitamin C with just one lemon? Yes, just one lemon helps to strengthen bones and increase good HDL levels of cholesterol.
Just add two teaspoons of lemon juice to your green tea. By doing this, your body would be able to absorb the antioxidants present in your tea.

2. Broccoli
From one medium-size stalk of broccoli, you get more than 100% of vitamin K and almost 200% of vitamin C which is required by your body. These two vitamins are essential for bone building.

3. Dark Chocolate
This is one food which would bring a smile to everyone’s face. A little bit of dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure. The flavonoid, an antioxidant which helps to reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol is seen abundantly in cocoa powder.

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Try For A ‘Greener’ Vacation.

Everyone deserves a break from time to time in order to relax and get out from their heavy schedules. Let it be swimming, cycling, skiing or just exploring an unseen land can bring you immense calm. Now, as you have already thought about traveling, think about how you can make it a trip that is eco-friendly. Many people believe that it is quite hard to plan a trip that is eco-friendly but, that is not true. Rest assured, it is very easy and takes less effort. You can still enjoy your trip with lots of pleasure.
The following are many tips to help you to travel greener.

· Seek Hotels Which Are More Greener
Many hotels have their own websites. Check if the hotel is into a green program. The green program may include using LED lighting, extensive recycling program or having power system which uses less energy. There are some hotels which have composts for its kitchen waste so as to use them in a solar greenhouse which produces fresh ingredients for their restaurant.

· Always Carry Reusable Bag While Travelling
Even though several places have banned the use of plastic bags, many people still use them as it is more convenient to carry. You should stop using them. Travel with a reusable bag which is much better as it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Carry them along when you’re going shopping and see how happy the shopkeeper is on seeing the bag.

· Take Along Reusable Water Bottle
Plastic water bottles are cheap and are found everywhere. But after use, plastic bottles are often thrown, and they end up clogging up landfills and polluting the ocean. You can avoid this by just buying a reusable water bottle and filling it with purified water.

· Use Greener Transport
Vehicles are the main reason for air pollution. You can minimize this if you travel either by biking or just by simply walking. By opting for this method, it gives you a better sense of the place, and you can explore more as you don’t need to go along a road where there is a chance of you missing something wonderful.

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